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Anyone completed Duolingo?

Was wondering if anyone has completed a whole language course on duolingo and if so you could help answering these questions please? :) how long did it take? What's your level like? How many words does your vocabulary show, how many coins, what level? Is it possible to estimate how far I've come, as some topics have one lesson and others twenty, or is it impossible? Thanks :)

December 3, 2012



I completed Spanish, with 12189 coins (level 18) and 1735 words. It took me a few weeks, but I was already almost fluent in Spanish. I think you have done about 40% of the course now.


I completed German. I don't remember exactly how long that took, but I'd guess around two months. I ended up with 1974 vocabulary words. I don't remember what level I was at or how many coins I had when I finished. I would guess I was around level 14. It could have been higher, I just don't remember. But expect this to vary a lot anyway, because it depends on how many translations you do, and whether or not you do supplemental practice lessons.


Thank you very much for your answers! and your estimate jcbos! :)


what a shame you didnt get past level 12

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