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"Du skriver en seddel med kuglepennen."

Translation:You write a note with the pen.

February 22, 2015



Why is "a note" incorrect?


'A note' is correct. You might have had a mistake somewhere else.


Is it acceptable to translate this as "You write a note in pen"? I'm guessing the big hiccup there is the definite form of kuglepennen, and if that's the case, how would one specify pen or other meda in Danish?


A quick search yields that you use the indefinite form when talking about the medium you write with. "You write a note in pen" would be "Du skriver en seddel med (kugle)pen."


It is interesting that the word seddel is cognate with English schedule (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/seddel).


I did not know that english "schedule" and danish "seddel" are related that way. But I am very sure that "seddel" is about the same word as german "Zettel" = (small) sheet of paper. -- Really interesting to see the relations between languages.

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