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Timed rounds are demotivating

I am finding the timed rounds quite demotivating. I know the answers, I simply can't enter them in the time allowed even with shortcuts.

It seems more of a test of typing speed and accuracy. This is spoiling Duolingo for me as despite a lot of attempts, I cannot achieve mastery despite knowing the answers.

Couldn't you add an option for a longer time limit, for us slower typists or only use questions that can be answered with shortcuts?

December 3, 2012



At the start of the practice round, you can choose: 'practice without a timer' by pressing that button at the bottom of the page. I think that will resolve your problem.


I totally agree, the bonus rounds are almost impossible. I am learning German, my wife is a native speaker and pretty decent typist and she can't complete the bonus rounds in time. I love the site but find these SO frustrating.


Perfect - Thank you


The timed rounds add a challenge that is important to the learning process and simply eliminating the timing aspect is counter productive. I often use Duolingo/French in unusual places, with one hand available, which are not ideal conditions for 'speed' typing.....so, yes, I agree, it would be beneficial to have some flexibility in these tests. Perhaps slower 'speed' choices for less able typists!

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