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  5. "Kokken har ændret på menuen."

"Kokken har ændret menuen."

Translation:The cook has changed the menu.

February 22, 2015



What is the reason for the 'På" before menuen? It is not used at all in the sentence, but does it need to be there to make sense?


No. it doesn't have to be there. "Kokken har ændret menuen" is also perfectly acceptable. The only difference is very subtle: "Ændret på" is used when it's not a huge change; maybe the cook substituted one of the meals on the menu with something else. Without the "på" it would sound like she/he did a complete change of all the things on the menu.


This is like German "ändern" and "verändern" both meaning "to change" in English! I didn't know that also other languages differentiate between the two!


We actually encountered "ændrer på" earlier in the course : it means "to alter".

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