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"Is there a personal message in the letter?"

Translation:An bhfuil teachtaireacht phearsanta sa litir?

February 22, 2015



Could someone explain why teachtaireacht doesn't have "h" but Pearsnta does. Obviously there's a rule that's escaping me


Teachtaireacht is an indefinite nominative singular feminine noun, so there’s no need to lenite it. Pearsanta is an attributive adjective that applies to a non-genitive singular feminine noun, so it needs to be lenited.


Scilling is right (to whoever down voted him). Teachtaireacht is a feminine noun, which lenites (puts a h on) the adjective following it. (In this case, although Pearsanta is a noun, it is being used as an adjective).


Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

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