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"Nós não poderemos viver ali para sempre."

Translation:We will not be able to live there forever.

August 18, 2013



I hear ,,pra" in the fast version, by the way it doesn't matter if it's ,,para" or ,,pra", because both are correct, so both should be accepted.


I could be wrong about this, but in Brazil a lot of people say "pra" for the word spelt "para", but as far as I'm aware this is just slang speech and there isn't a formal word spelt "pra". This threw me a lot when I started living here.


"We can't live there forever." is accepted.


Yes, it is. Do you think it shouldn't be?


Well, it is not in the future tense, perhaps it shouldn't be.


I think it's more important that learners be able to convey the intended meaning than to perform technically equivalent translations. I do get your point though, since it's potentially confusing, but a correct (in practice) answer should not be discouraged by yielding an error.


Spanish say 'pa' and Galicians say 'pra' too (slang for 'para')

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