"Grädden är vit."

Translation:The cream is white.

February 22, 2015

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What's the difference between grädd and kräm (like in tandkräm)?


grädde is made out of milk (in principle: there are a few things that are called grädde by analogy, in compound nouns e.g. kokosgrädde 'coconut cream')

kräm refers to consistency (as in 'creamy') – it can be 'cream' or 'paste' in English

Thus, vispgrädde is 'whipped cream'
but tandkräm 'toothpaste', hudkräm 'skin cream' and chokladkräm is 'chocolate cream'


"Grädden är vit", but "Den vita grädden" with -a on the end of "vit", right? So definite adjectives receive a final -a in the attributive but not prdicative position... right?


Sort of related. I was trying to write my grocery list in svensk and needed the word for creamer. Google says its gräddkanna. Is that correct?


I don't think that's correct, actually. A gräddkanna is a creamer in the sense of a pitcher. But since you were going grocery shopping, I'm assuming you meant a small package with a non-dairy creaming agent that you pour into coffee. We don't really have a common word for that in Swedish, but you could mjölkpulver if it's in powder form.

Apologies if my assumption is incorrect, but I'm guessing this is not what you were going shopping for :)

There's also kaffegrädde, quite literally "coffee cream", which is what you use for the more general sense of creamer. It's typically dairy-based, though - half/half, or similar.


This is what I was looking for. Though typically I prefer soycreamer, we do use dairy creamers in my household as well. Tack.


Btw 'soycreamer' would be sojagrädde.


Are you sure? I'd say that's soy cream, not soy creamer.


Yes, literally "cream jug".


I'm on mobile, and the voice pronounces grädde a lot like grudde.

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