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"She wrote poetry as a child."

Translation:Ella escribió poesía cuando era niña.

3 years ago



Why is it escribió and not escribía? She would write poetry as a kid. So more than once, right? It was ongoing.

4 months ago


How come poetry doesn't have an article? Is poetry not an abstract noun that requires an article?

3 years ago


Abstract nouns get an article when used as a subject, but usually not when used as an object.

3 years ago

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Is there any freakin' way to consistently know when to include a freakin' article in front of a freakin' direct object noun in Spanish? What is the freakin rule?

3 years ago


One of the suggestions when I was answering for the last part was “de niña” rather than candy era niña. Would that have made sense?

2 years ago


I wrote, "Ella escribió la poesía cuando era un niña". Duo's correction was una niña. Fair enough, but now I see I could have left both articles off altogether.

10 months ago