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"He lives in a cozy little town."

Translation:Han bor i en mysig liten stad.

February 23, 2015



Why is it liten here, not lite?


Because stad is an en-word. Thus it's liten. Liten is a highly irregular adjective, se wiktionary for a full table of it: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/liten#Declension


What is "predicative"?


There are two possible positions for adjectives in Swedish, either they're attributive, like in den mysiga staden, or they're predicative like in staden är mysig.

A predicative expression is something that says, roughly, X is Y. So if you say things like X is/seems to be/resembles etc Y, then Y is not an object, which it would be if you said something like X sees/takes/knows etc Y.

Adjectives behave differently depending on whether they're in an attributive or predicative position – they don't change when they're attributive and definite.

  • staden är mysig
  • huset är mysigt
  • husen är mysiga

  • en mysig stad

  • ett mysigt hus
  • mysiga hus

  • den mysiga staden

  • det mysiga huset
  • de mysiga husen


Yes but do we need half the table to be predicatives? No adjective has a different form, it's just that the adjctive inflects on the gender/number of the noun even if it's definite.


Hm, I meant that huset är mysigt has a different adjective than det mysiga huset, which confuses some people.

Also, I'm sorry bullet lists in Markdown don't behave the way I want them to.


But if so, why isn't it 'mysigen'?


Because of irregularities. Most adjectives that end on -en for en-words will instead take -et for ett-words and -na for plurals.


Shoudln't "Han bor i en liten mysig stad" Also be correct?


When there are two adjectives, we ask you to keep them in the same order in your translation. There's no real need to change the order between them here. This makes things a lot easier for us course creators.


What is wrong with "Han bor i en mysig liten stan" ?


Stan is a short form for staden (the city)


The word liten is why I have trust issues. Now how do you say that in Swedish? >_>


tillitsproblem works.
Also har svårt att lita på [X] sounds natural.
'an issue of trust' is en fråga om tillit/förtroende


Wait, what? Why 'stad'? Isn't 'stad' city? I would think 'by' or 'stan' here, no?


I believe by is village, which would be much smaller than a town or city.

Stan is a short form for staden (the city)


Why was it correct to use stan in an earlier sentence but have to use stad here when both mean town. Is this just another one of your arbitrary translations like mycket instead of väldigt etc etc.

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