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I just lost my 66 streak days due to a time bug ;-;

Yesterday, here in Brazil just ended something we call "Horário de Verão" (Daylight saving, that is) that simply consists in adding one hour to the time to make the days last longer through the day-night period. I just lost all my 66 streak days RIGHT NOW, but it's 11:05pm and it reseted like it was 00:05 ;-; Can someone take all my streak days back to where it was? I have a picture with the graph of all my 90XPpoints-cap and the reseted number.

If you can't help, who can?

February 23, 2015



Ok, apparently Duolingo doesn't change daily goal when it's daylight savings for countries that are not Pst, Est, Mst, etc... This may be why you lost your streak.


Please. That is pretty unsettling for me, losing about 2 months and a couple more days to a damn bug.


You haven't really lost anything, except perhaps a few lingots which you can soon make up. You still have your knowledge of your target language.

You may have to adjust your learning time to counter this affect but that should not be a major problem if you are committed to learning.

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