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Community Plans for Community adding Languages

Considering that the Duolingo staff has been planning to add a feature to let the community add languages, I was wondering has anyone been planning to add their own language? I've have been thinking about getting my friend and some of my old School teachers to come together and put Irish up on this site. Plus two people here could be planning putting up a Language (Like Greek) and they could easily work together.

August 18, 2013



Irish would be interesting. I want to contribute, too.

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I love Irish, and actually tried to learn it before because I find it so beautiful. Please do add it if duo introduces that function! :)


Certainly make learning Irish easier! It took me three months of French study here to ace the junior cert (and now doing pretty well in the leaving!) but Irish is the one I really want. Caint as Gailge!


I hope so. We have a lot of very generous and learned people on this site.

Personally I don't really have much I can add, what with only knowing one language. :-(

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