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Glitchy lingots?

Has anyone else experienced a fluctuation in their lingots? I've noticed mine go up and down between 4 and 5 lingots. Anyway, I had 5 lingots and decided to wager them on the 7 day streak option in the store and call it a day. Maybe an hour later I had the urge to come back on collect more XP but noticed that it was as if I never spent 5 lingots on the 7 day streak AND I went back down to 4 lingots hahaha. Slightly comical, does this happen to anyone else? Hasta luego :)

EDIT: And now I'm at zero lingots and my 7 day wager is apparently up and running again. :P

February 23, 2015

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You should probably subscribe to the Troubleshooting forum and move this over there. :)

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