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How do you get mistakes corrected in the user, not the target language?

I am a native speaker of English (U.S. variety). A couple of times when I was studying a lot of Brazilian Portuguese I noticed there were minor mistakes in grammar. Also in a couple of instances alternate ways of translating were not recognized as valid even though that is what a large number of native speakers would say, rather than the more formal variant that was given as the correct translation.

Today I was studying Dutch I was supposed to translate into English a Dutch sentence. I did it correctly was told I was incorrect, lost my final heart and had to start over when I was almost finished with the lesson. That was annoying because the sentence that was presented in the correction was grammatically wrong and sounds strange to a native speaker. How does one go about getting this mistakes cleaned up?

February 23, 2015



Select the option to write in your own when reporting a problem. The same team will look at it either way.:)


I've heard that the "other" field doesn't actually get saved. Has this been fixed?


That's the first I've heard of it not getting saved. Most of my reports are on the lack of alternative gender options, and I've heard back plenty of times when they accept my alternative answers. Maybe I've got the name of the field wrong. But, it's a way to submit your own answer.


I definitely think we're talking about the same thing. This comes from people professing to be course maintainers--maybe it's inconsistent. Anyway, glad to hear that your write-in suggestions have been accepted, so maybe it does work after all!


From your description, it seems you have used My answer should be accepted. This is usually the first option in the report list. The last option doesn't have any caption, just Have a different problem? Explain here in the box. This one doesn't seem to be available to the contributors from what I recall in a recent discussion. In fact, this seems to be a black box which no one seems to look at (at present).

Edit: Adding the link of the discussion.


I can confirm that My answer should be accepted works with the Dutch team.
At least one time - but I'm not sure if it was English (in Dutch) or the reverse tree Dutch (in English) - I received an email with You suggested “Ik ben hier om mijn sleutels op te halen ” as a translation for “I am here to recover my keys.” We now accept this translation. :) .


It does. I have also received a fair bit of acceptances this route. I was talking about the last option which tends to act as a catch all, but currently seems like none get this feedback.

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