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Tá buachaill aige

He has a boyfriend. / Tá buachaill aige.

(The discussion is empty, but it has the red message saying they do not want people to use the discussion. So I am posting here.)

What would "He has a boy" be?

February 23, 2015


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To my knowledge, it would be the same and just depend on context. Perhaps gasúr could be used, though I don't think that's exactly equivalent to buachaill.


gasúr is more used in the sense of a young child (Connacht) or a young boy (Munster, Irish). So there is some overlap, but not much.

However, you are correct. It takes context. Also, OP, these types of questions are fine for the discussion. Duolingo really doesn't care if you post there, as long as it's not spam. Asking serious questions is great!


As the explanation says, buachaill and cailín are often used to highlight a romantic relationship, but it could also be a follow-on from a statement that someone has a child: Rugadh leanbh aréir, tá buachaill aige. A baby was born yesterday, he has a boy.

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