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"Det där molnet ser ut som en kanin."

Translation:That cloud looks like a rabbit.

February 23, 2015



Ha! 'Molnet' är mycket likt den ryska ordet för en blixt 'молния"


Any mnemonic is a good mnemonic. :)


Nej! Det ser ut som en anka!


i still can get the difference between ser ut som ,liknar and är lik what is it...?


I haven't spoken English for a while, so now I have some problems with the difference between "this" and "that". Why is "This cloud..." wrong again?


This vs that often (but not always) refers to the object’s position. This refers to an object that is close eg this glass (in front of me) is mine. That refers to an object that is further away. Eg That tree (over there) is a pine. So in this context it will (almost) always be that cloud because it is in the distance. This is somewhat flexible... but generally speaking if you say “that” you would be pointing to an object away from you.

There are other differences between the usages but I think this is the essence of it and certainly is the issue with this question.

Also, the Swedish sentence says “that” so translating to “this” would be incorrect on that level anyway!


Great, thank you for the long answer. I haven't realizied that there are different words for "that" and "this" in swedish until now. I guess I overread it mostly, when I use the App I don't read the words as carefully as I have to do online.


Det där - that. (Though sometimes the article det or den means “that” rather than “it”.)

Det här or detta - this.

I use the slightly hick americanisms of “this here” and “that there” to help remember which is which!


Thanks you. I looked it up yesterday, the problem is in German we don't use such a strict differentiation of the two words so I'm not used to it, I guess with your method it will be much easier to remember, that helps a lot.


To me 'das da' and 'das hier" or "dieses" work well for remembering the difference. Its similar to German expressions even tho we dont always express ourselves that clear


Because it implies that there is ONE specific cloud, THAT cloud refers to some other cloud, or some other object, not the specific one in "front of you."

Hope this helps.. hehe


Why is it molnet and not moln?


With "det/den/de där" or "det/den/de här", the definite form of nouns is used.


Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up.


It always has to be a rabbit. Haha


Could it be "Det där molnet är likt en kanin"?


Why is 'that cloud there...' wrong? When pointing something out, I would include a 'there' in English.

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