"Det är damm på bordet"

Translation:There is dust on the table

February 23, 2015

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    Damm is my new favorite word in Swedish!


    Why not det finns?


    That's also an accepted answer, but it's less likely. The difference is one of the things we have the most trouble explaining. We usually say that finns is closer in meaning to 'exists' ('there exists dust on the table') and that det är is more for temporary things ('the dust is on the table now') and det finns for more permanent things. But it's hard to give any clear and firm rules.


    that's probably useful for Swedish existential poets


    Skulle "det ligger" fungera lika bra?


    It is not all wrong, but not quite right either. Actually I think the most common way would be to say "bordet är dammigt" (the table is dusty)


    Damm i vinden... (Allt vi är)

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