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  5. "O jeans é meu."

"O jeans é meu."

Translation:The jeans are mine.

August 18, 2013

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Wouldn't it be "The jeans ARE mine" you can not use the sigular is when the noun is plural.


It's right! Here in Brazil, we say "O jeans" (singular) or "A calça jeans". I don't know why, maybe because it's not a Portuguese word, so we do not consider grammar rules in this case ;)


It happens the same for all the english words that brazilian portuguese borrows or only in the case of jeans?


In European Portuguese this sentence is painful to hear... We would never use the singular with a noun that is plural... It's just not right xDD But yea, in Brazil they do it ALL THE TIME.


"all your jeans are belong to mine!"


It should be ARE instead if IS


it is 'are.' If you look up, it says " O jeans 'e meu." 'e also means are, depending on the noun.


«é» never means "are." «é» always means "is." As you can tell by the article before "jeans," when adopting the English word into the Portuguese language, it was understood as a singular object (this is why it is not «os jeans»).

As a European Portuguese speaker, I prefer to avoid this confusion (as, if I did say "jeans" if I were speaking Portuglish, I would probably say «os jeans») altogether by calling "jeans" «as calças de ganga», which literally means "denim pants."


The jeans ARE mine. The word Jeans, is a plural noun.


Wow...it's almost like Portuguese IS ANOTHER LANGUAGE!


Jeans=jean? What's wrong


It should be jeans, and Jean as singular is wrong


When you say it in Portuguese, you have to use the singular form as "jeans" is considered in this case to be ONE piece of clothing (denim trousers=jeans). If you want to translate from Portuguese to English, you must say the jeans ARE mine because that is how it is grammatically correctly said in English


Help...."O jeans e meu" What does this mean; "The jeans it is my"?


The é has an accent and the verb is singular because "jeans" in Pt is singular. In English they are always treated as plural, though a jean would be pretty useless, so the sentence means "The jeans are mine". Duolingo thinks "The jeans is mine" to be correct. I hope the Portuguese they are teaching me is better than their English.


"meu" can be "my" or "mine" depending on the context. Same as "seu cavalo" = "your horse" and "o cavalo é seu" = "the horse is yours".


WTF why is "the jeans are mine" is wrong?!?!


Fixed, as of May 2, 2014.


"The jeans..." is still not accepted as correct. Suggested answer is "The jean is mine"


We only have jeans, and it can either be singular or plural.


the speaking exercise is hard, it is keep receiving another word although i have said it right.... (sigh)


Eu diria «calças de ganga». Usa-se isso em Brasil?


Nunca ouvi falar.


okay, so just wondering, what if I was talking about multiple pairs of jeans, would it be "os jeans"? or is there some kinda plural form?


You can use "pares de jeans" for more than one pair of jeans.


Cool, thank you!


In English, it is actually "a pair of jeans" or "a pair of trousers" for the ONE article of clothing - therefore plural.

There is no such thing, in English, as "a jean" or "a trouser". You can have "a trouser leg".

It's not supposed to make sense.


Então não seria melhor OS jeans são meus.
A minha calça jeans. Tenho calças jeans de tres cores. Haverá a palavra jean?


In Portuguese, I don't think "jeans" is used in singular.


It is not Paulenrique,thank you .For jeanS one or two pairs are always jeans, plural. Thanks a lot

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