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How do I add students to an existing section?

February 23, 2015



To add students to an existing section, click the "Invite more students" button and type in the name of the section you want to add students to. Make sure you are typing the exact same name. Then click "Show link" and send that link to the students you want to add.

Alternatively, you can also tell your students to go into their Settings on their Duolingo account, and click on the "Progress sharing" tab. They can then type in your email address (make sure its the same email address your Duolingo account is tied to).

Hope this helps!


Hi Sean, when my students click on the link I send them and then click to accept me as their teacher, it doesn't work and they aren't added to the class... It works the longer way though. Have you any idea why this might be, am I doing something wrong?

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