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Peaking at words you already know should diminish that word's strength.

I've been noticing recently that I'm coming upon a lot of words that I'm not very comfortable with, but still display as having high strength. I may be mistaken, but it seems as though peaking at a word does not affect that word's strength. Changing this might make people more inclined to go back an practice previous lessons more often.

August 18, 2013



The word strength decay rate is affected. Basically, it will need reinforcing sooner than if you'd got it right. This reflects the notion that peeking is better than not attempting anything regarding the word, but not as good as getting the word correct.


I see your point, however do you really want everything on here so nitpicky that people get frustrated the second day and quit. I feel we need a few breaks to keep our sanity, ha ha


Great idea. I think the strength of a word also affects how much a word shows up in practice sessions.


I totally agree, but I tend to guess even if I've never seen them before. You feel awesome when you get then right.


But once you peak at it you've actually strengthened it a little by doing so..


My latest understanding of Peeking is that the system will introduce the word that was "peeked" into your lessons more often so you can master it. If my understanding of the decay process it correct, this response to peeking would actually increase the strength of that word because the system is theoretically introducing it into your lessons more often.


In fact, sometimes I copy for myself full sentences whose structure is surprising for me, and while doing so, I accidentally hover over some of their words, which qualifies as peeking, even though I didn't have that intention. So maybe there should be an easier way to copy sentences (and their correct translations) automatically without having to bother with the mouse pointer over them, thus avoiding unintentional peeking (and misleading the system).


You can copy the sentence from the discussion without incurring a "peek".


If you copy the sentence after you've answered the question then you don't incur a "peek".

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