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"We cannot allow him to hurt us."

Translation:Vi kan inte tillåta honom att skada oss.

February 23, 2015



Is it correct that tillåta needs att and låta not?


I thought kan in swedish is more of an "able to" meaning-wise. Whereas this sentense rather makes sense in a "must not allow him" interpretation. So, are there other accepted alternatives like borde or måste translating this?

Note that my understanding of kan might be wrong, and I am not an english speaker, so I have a great chance of missing something


"Cannot allow" is pretty much the same as saying "must not allow" in some cases. It can be applied to something both in and out of your direct control. Just one of those weird English things that doesn't quite make sense but we use it anyway.

I am as much a student of Swedish as you are so as for how it translates, I am not an authority. To my understanding though, it can be literally translated in this regard and still have the same meaning.

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