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Search within topic or forum

I cannot seem to get search to do anything useful. I want to search WITHIN a particular forum (e.g. Educators OR Italian OR Troubleshooting) and find ONLY results in that forum.

No matter which tab I select (Popular, New, Following) and/or which Subscription I have selected over on the right, I get the same exact results (which are mostly general Duolingo searches not involving the specific forum I am interested in).

Is this "just how DL search works"? Or some other problem? Right now, both Discussion and Search are totally useless to me because I can't find what I'm looking for.

I'm using Firefox 35.0.1 on a Mac OS 10.9.5 if that makes any difference.

February 23, 2015



Duolingo's search features are sadly lacking..why, I don't know. With so much perfectly good forum software available, it looks like DL tried to reinvent the wheel. You cannot search for posts by a single user. You can't really search for your own posts. I am just keeping my head down & trying to finish the tree and do translations.


I totally agree with you. Forum software is not very user friendly.

Another pet peeve of me is that whenever I open a thread of discussion and go back to the forum page I am put to the top of the forum again. So, if I was looking at the heads that was not on the first page, it is a pain to get back to the point. So, if your discussion is not on the first page most users will not going to go too far below. A lot of other good discussions are removed from consideration too quickly this way,.

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