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  5. "Følger du mig?"

"Følger du mig?"

Translation:Are you following me?

February 23, 2015



I think it is the the physical and the understanding sense, although 'kan du følge mig' is very common. (But that can aæso be used in the very litteral physical sense, are you able to follow me (up the hill)?


Is "do you follow me" wrong in english ?


I would say it's technically correct, though usually used in a slightly less literal meaning, i.e. about about following what someone is saying rather than about following someone around. Then again, I guess the Danish sentence can also mean that, though it probably does less commonly.


I don't have a question with this sentence. I have a question about completing Duo lessons on my phone when I have no access to the letters which are not on the American phone keyboards. It seems that no alternatives are accepted in Danish--for example for the letter o with the /. So I can go through an entire lesson, spending the time on it and then because of ONE sentence must quit and I lose the completion of the lesson. However, when I do French, German, and Spanish Duolingo lessons, alternatives for the letters that are not in English are accepted. This is extremely frustrating. Are there any solutions?


Most mobile keyboards actually have special characters. For example, long-press the a and you will likely find yourself with a submenu including both æ and å. Long-press the o and you should find the ø. Many more special characters can be found this way on at least Android's default keyboard, but probably also on the iPhone as well as older Android versions and less common platforms.

If not, then you can probably set up the option to switch between the American and the Danish keyboard on the fly. But again, this is from my experience with Android's default keyboard, so not 100% sure about other platforms.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope you manage to figure it out, good luck!


Thank you! I am able to select on my iphone. I had been totally unaware of that function. I appreciate your help.


I made a mistake and wrote : føler du mig. Which was accepted by duolingo but it shouldn't have been...

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