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  5. "Jeg takker dig."

"Jeg takker dig."

Translation:I thank you.

February 23, 2015



Would it be appriopriate to say this to someone as like a formal form of thanking somebody?


I believe yes. English has similar expressions.

"You have my thanks."
"My thanks to you"
"I thank you all for coming..."

(As a side note, hitting space twice after a line causes a line break! Damn handy)


No. Not really. I live there now and I've never heard someone use that.


What is the difference between -dig- and -du- and -I- they all mean you?


"Du" is "you" as the subject of the sentence. You run. You see the dog. You eat the bread.

"Dig" is "you" as the direct object of the sentence - the thing being acted upon. The dog sees you. I thank you. The bear eats you.

"I" is a plural "you", as in "you all", and the subject of the sentence. You all run. You all see the dog.

Then there's "jer", which is plural "you" as the direct object. The dog sees you all. etc.


thank you - very helpful !!!


I think you meant "Jeg takker dig" :P


This is the single most helpful comment re: du vs dig that I've found so far, and it's not even on a thread specific to it. JEG TAKKER DIG!!!


du means ''you'' singular; I means ''you'' plural, always written in capital letter; dig means ''to you'' Hope it helps!


I wrote 'Jeg takker dig.' (copy-pasted from my answer) and it was marked wrong with a suggested correct answer of 'Jeg takker dig.'! I noticed that the (presentation) format has just changed a short while ago, while I was doing this section. Maybe this is a resultant bug? It's difficult to report with the very limited report options, none of which were appropriate. Anyone else having similar problems?


Thank you for the clear pronunciation of the Danish words and .the natural speed of the speaker instead of the natural tendency when reading words to speak petty fast.


Why in gods name doesnt just thank you work

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