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"Meu amigo perguntaria o que eu faço aqui."

Translation:My friend would ask what do I do here.

August 18, 2013



Would this not be more correct to say ´my friend would ask what i do here´, as you do not need an interrogative order when you are reporting someone else speech even if they asked a question, rendering the extra ´do´ unnecessary and unnatural/ incorrect?

For example, 'what did you do yesterday?'- 'he asked what i did yesterday', not he asked what did i do yesterday.


I agree. By the way, "My friend would ask what I am doing here" (also without an interrogative order) is accepted.


the most likely construction in English would be "my friend would ask what am I doing here"


The English translation given is weird. I answered: "My friend would ask what I was doing here" which is normal English usage. Marked wrong. Reported.


you can´t say ´was doing here´as faço is present tense.

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