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  5. "We come from the restaurant."

"We come from the restaurant."

Translation:Vi kommer från restaurangen.

February 23, 2015



... at the end of the universe!


Did you try the animal of the bovine variety?


...och vi ska äter dig..


When is it appropriate to use ifrån, my previous learning App had this.


ifrån can be used as an informal version of the preposition från, which is why you can use it in this sentence.
ifrån can also be an adverb or verb particle, and in that case, you can't use från instead. For instance there's a particle verb gå ifrån which means approximately 'leave'. You can't say från instead without changing the meaning with verbs like that.

In compound words they're not interchangeable.


I though "av" could also be used as "from"; could it not?


It depends on the context. In this context, no. If you can use English "off" as in "I got the money off my dad" then you can use av to mean from. For example, I got it from the restaurant: Jag fick den av restaurangen.


Is the verb "kommer" used in all present tense situations?


According to the grammar lessons at the beginning it should be, we don't have -ing or variations as far as I know ^^


And yet, Swedish does have present participle ("ing") words. In the case of kommer, it would be kommande. Something to be learned later.


Thanks for the heads up, I'll try to be on that lesson as soon as possible ^^


Is it just me or does this particular question seem really picky when it comes to typos?


boy I can't wait to mix "kommer från" and "kommer fram" up 100% of the time


It helps me to see the å as having a little O on top, accounting for why it sounds like /o/ instead of /ɑ/.

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