"Jag skriver brevet i morgon."

Translation:I am writing the letter tomorrow.

February 23, 2015



Why the translation "I write the letter tomorrow" is not accepted?

March 12, 2015


It is a correct literal translation, but it's not correct english. In English there's much stricter rules: tomorrow is in the future, so the verb you use should be future tense too.

December 25, 2015


Yes it is. "He dies tomorrow." "We dine this evening." The present tense may be used to refer to anticipated future actions in English.

January 14, 2016


Brian is right. Using the simple present verb is every bit as common, and correct, as using the present continuous verb form to form the future tense. For example: "I leave Stockholm tomorrow and arrive in Seattle the next day."

April 22, 2018


Am writing is not future tense. Will erite is future. Am writing is present progressive.

June 27, 2018


So does Swedish have a future tense, or..?

January 9, 2016


Wait for the future lessons :)

May 6, 2018


Apparently it is like English in that there is no verb inflection for the future tense. So one has to augment a present form with will/shall or simply use simple present or present continous.

April 22, 2018


This told me the correct phrase was "I am writing the letter tomorrow". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems like bad/wrong English...

May 4, 2017


Nope, not bad English at all. You could say "I am writing the letter tomorrow" or "I will write the letter tomorrow".

August 13, 2017


jag skriver brevet i morgon,i couldnt understand where we use 'tomorrow' in this sentence ?

May 11, 2017


Why is "I wrote the letter in the morning" incorrect?

June 28, 2017


Because "i morgon" or "imorgon" means "tomorrow", so it cannot be past tense.

"In the morning" is "på morgonen" in a general sense. If you want to say "this morning" you use either "i morse" (if the morning is already over" or "nu på morgonen" if the morning is not over yet.

As for the verb, "skriver" is present tense (equivalent to both bresent simple and present continuous in English), and it is used to indicate future

January 31, 2019


Would be ''Jag skrev'' and past tense

May 29, 2018


The audio sounds like it has an extra syllable between "skriver" and "brevet". Anyone else experiencing it?

June 23, 2015


3 years later and yeah I'm hearing it as well

October 26, 2018


Why 'i kvell' means 'this evening', but 'i morgon' means tomorrow?

October 1, 2017


This could also mean, "I'll write the letter tomorrow."

January 13, 2017


The answer given is incorrect english. There is no future tense option in the choice of words. An answer above correctly indicates the need for the future tense with tomorrow

August 6, 2017


Is this - I write the letter (in the morning), else why the i here?

October 31, 2018


"I morgon" is just the word for "tomorrow". I think "in the morning" is "på morgonen".

October 31, 2018



October 31, 2018


"I am writing the letter tomorrow " is appalling English.

April 3, 2018


Unless it was a repy to your mother who asked, ''When are you writing that letter to your grandmother?''

May 29, 2018
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