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Leaderboard changes?

I hesitate to post since my questions seem to always have an easy, obvious answer that I have missed....

However, my leaderboard, which previously kept a rolling running total of the previous seven days, suddenly reset to just today's, Sunday's, dropping me from around 900 points to just today's current total of 22. I think this happened last week, too, but I thought it was just a glitch. Are the totals now being accumulated just Sunday to Sunday rather than from the current day back a week (i.e., Mon to Mon, Tues to Tues, etc.)?

August 18, 2013



I noticed this too


Thanks for the link. I actually did a search in the discussion area to see if the question had already been asked but since I entered "leaderboard" as one word instead of two, this discussion wasn't shown. I think the search function could use some tweaking. It would also be helpful if the search results had an option to be sorted by date. I don't know what its sorted by now.

Glad to know the reason for the changes.

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