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How can I find out how far I am from next level?

Hi! Since I modified the daily goal, I can't see how many points I need to go to the next level anymore. Is there a way to find out how far I am from the next level?

February 23, 2015



Thank you so much!!

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I can't seem to find this either. It used to be shown frequently but I haven't seen it in a while. Seems like it has been removed. I want it back :(


Take a look to your profile, you'll see on the right how far you are from the next level and how many points you currently have for each language you're learning. :)


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I don't, can you post a screenshot?


I can't find this. I think it's because level 16 is the max. :-(

[deactivated user]

    Level 25 is the max. They are running an A/B test right now, so some users have that sidebar, others (like me) do not.


    It is not based on users.

    I have the info for Spanish from English displaying properly and English from Spanish is not.

    The difference is that I had switched on the coach in English from Spanish and not for Spanish from English. If you activate the coach you lose the ability to see your total points, how far you are from next level etc.

    I am not sure if it is a bug or intentional by Duolingo. I would like to think it is a bug as the data in raw is embedded in the HTML sources of the page, just not presented to user.

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