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Awarding bonus points

It would be really great if we got bonuses for beating the clock on a timed practice. We could get a point for every 5 seconds we have left; for example, if we finished with 15 seconds left we'd get 3 extra points.

That would encourage users to move more quickly and try to do more in the timed practices.

August 18, 2013



I like this idea


It's a great idea... I am not good enough yet to do that stuff, though... I can only do like the 2 basics and beat the clock.


Yep, excellent idea, I actually thought thats was the way it worked the first time I did it, because I finished with like 15 sec left and got like 18 points, and said, cool extra points, apart fron the 10, but no :( it was 1 point per answer. But yes, I am strongly behind your idea, it would motivate us even more. Tschüss

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