"Sta je?"

Translation:Are you standing?

February 24, 2015



This sounds like "what's up?" in Serbian


Can this not mean "Are you?"


That would be 'Ben je?'. 'Sta' is from the verb 'staan', which means 'to stand'.


I seem to remember you can use it like that when you're saying you're in a certain type of place. Staan, Zitten and Liggen, right? The only one I remember is Ik zit in de whiskybar. I think it might be Liggen for Straat...?


Ah, well, you need context to use those verbs in that way. So in this case, it can only mean 'Are you standing?'.


Well, yes. I was really just asking for confirmation these exist as possibilites and hoping for some elaboration ;) I don't actually know but I've just kind of assumed you're Nederlandstalig :)


I see! If you want to know more about 'staan/liggen/zitten', there is a beautiful explanation, which you can find here. I don't think I can explain it any better.

(Oh, and, you are correct. Ik ben Nederlandse! ;) )


So it is not simply dropping -t; otherwise, it would be "staa je". It is actually using the 1st person singular form, right?


If a verb ends on the vowel a it pronounces a long sounding a, hence there is no need to write staa. Other than that it depends on what way you look at it, and whatever works best for you to understand when and how to apply the rules.


Are you standing? - this is flagged wrong by Duo


It is accepted and the preferred translation (see top page). If that answer is rejected please take a screenshot and post it here.

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