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  5. "I do not like that."

"I do not like that."

Translation:Ní maith liom é sin.

February 24, 2015



why the 'é'? Is sin by itself not correct?


I am thinking the same. In fact, with the é it sounds weird to me, more like "I do not like that (specifically)"??


The positive form of this statement is Is maith liom é sin.

Níl is only ever used when you are negatimg a statement, so níl is not used when you are negating the copua is, and níl is not used when you are negating any other present tense verb except .

ní ithim cáis - "I don't eat cheese"
ní ritheann sé - "he doesn't run"
ní cheannaíonn sé bainne - "he doesn't buy milk"
níl sé deacair - "it isn't difficult" (negative of tá sé deacair)


Thanks, that's very helpful to know.


Same question. Can one of our great teachers please answer?


With "like", it's an idiomatic structure using the copula.


Is é sin used in the sense of “I do not like that thing”? How does sin work when it’s used on its own?


I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by "on its own".

Ní maith liom é - "I don't like it"
Ní maith liom é sin - "I don't like that"
Ní maith liom an rud sin - "I don't like that thing"


So is it É sin = I don't like that An X sin = I don't like that X

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