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  5. "Meu vestido"

"Meu vestido"

Translation:My dress

February 24, 2015



Why is dress a masculine word? Women wear dresses not men


Names of objects are either feminine or masculine. The gender has nothing to do with the function of the things. In addition, the possessive adjectives agree with the owner if it's 1st, 2nd or 3rd person singular/plural. But the gender of the possessive adjective matches the gender of the possessed thing. Because of this, it's "meu vestido", not "minha vestido". Anyway, men can have dresses. There's no law that prohibits this.


it's just the way it is? Your point is irrelevant.


I always thought 'vestido' could be interpreted as 'clothing', but I always get it wrong when I try to answer 'clothing'

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