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Time is not working correctly (1h early)

I'm having a problem with the time, Duolingo considers it is the next days 1h early. Today that has cost me a 110+ days streak. Is there any way to a) get my streak reinstated. b) solve the problem for future days?

February 24, 2015



That is because Duo sets your time zone when you first register and there is no mechanism that allows you to change that. Also, it does not make allowances for Daylight saving schemes, which in effect modifies your timezone for six months of the year.

It is probably safer to practice on Duo earlier in the day rather than last thing at night.


You can try to contact bchan about it. There is no guarantee that it will be restored, but you can plea your case.
In addition to what psionpete said, another discrepancy could be Daylight Saving Time (I know it's not called this everywhere, but I forget what other countries call it). Duolingo is usually good with it within the US, but I have seen occasions where it didn't work right for other areas.
The time you see on your home page is correct (meaning it is what Duolingo uses to determine your streak). If it says 1 hour left, that's all you have, even if it is only 10pm where you are.
Good luck!

I don't know how I skimmed the daylight saving portion of psionpete 's post, but I'll keep mine up any way ;)

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