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  5. "A portán."

"A portán."

Translation:Her crab.

February 24, 2015



why is his crab not acceptable? shouldn't it be lenited anyway for her?


You got it backwards. It's lenited for 'his', not for 'her'


but then what about 'a hull' being her apple, not his? (pardon the lack of accents)


The prefixed H in a húll isn’t an example of lenition; the leniting H always follows a consonant.


It's because úll starts with a vowel, and portán with a consonant.

You should take a look to the Tips and notes of Possessives, it's clearly explained. I personnally read it when i'm confused.


Yeah, if only the tips and notes were actually visible on mobile


You can open the web browser on your mobile and access the tips and notes there.


Where can one read that?...


I'm also confused. Expected a = his as I just learned... and if it was feminine (her), a phortán. As it was shown just an exercise before..


You should check your notes, and the notes for the Possessive skill.

A phortán - "His crab"
A bportán - "Their crab"

a meaning "his" causes lenition.


A húll agus a úll. Her apple and his apple.

Why is there the H with the "she"???

I just found this again in the Dictionnary....


The h in phortán is called a séimhiú*, the process is called "lenition". Lenition only applies to consonants (not all consonants can be lenited.

You can't lenite a vowel. The h in a húll is not a séimhiú, it's a h-prefix.

a meaning his lenites nouns that start with a consonant. It doesn't do anything to words that start with a vowel.
a meaning "her" doesn't do anything to nouns that start with a consonant. It causes a h-prefix for words that start with a vowel.


Aha, thank you! That sounds really complicated.. ;-)

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