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  5. "Tá an dorchadas ag teacht."

" an dorchadas ag teacht."

Translation:The dark is coming.

February 24, 2015



Well that was dramatic


You know nothing Jon Snow

[deactivated user]

    In winter night begins at 4:30 here. The darkness came already.


    Dúirt Sam agus Dean Winchester.


    Reminds of the saw doctors song, "Share The Darkness". It contains the lyrics "Tá an dorchadas ag teacht inniu, tar abhaile liom mo ghrá".


    this is very ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ spooky


    Tá an geimhreadh ag teacht


    ... leis an geimhreadh, ar ndóigh


    Darkness is a much more accurate translation of dorchadas than dark, which is dorcha


    Does this mean "It is getting dark"?


    Not necessarily - it's certainly not how you would normally say "it's getting dark" - "tá sé ag éirí dorcha".

    But just as in English, it could be a much more threatening statement, (everybody hide, the darkness is coming!) or it could just be a more prosaic "it's after 8PM, so the darkness is coming", though that sounds a bit weird.


    This is completely unrelated to this exercise, but your use of the word éirí reminded me of something I saw tonight.

    I was watching “The Order” on Netflix (Season 2, Episode 1), and a new character said the phrase Éirí lag agus básaigh when she was casting a magic spell.

    The subject of her spell (a rat) then shriveled up and died.

    The series isn’t Irish at all, and I don’t yet know whether the character is Irish...but I found the use of an Irish phrase in the show to be pretty interesting!

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