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"Las palabras finales"

Translation:The final words

August 19, 2013



Las últimas palabras = "the last words"


"The final words" in English is ok but "the last words" is more dramatic as in last words before death or as in example one "the final words" in an ultimatum.( you must do!) both mean almost the same in English but a matter of style and choice!


Just like the Mi Último Adios.


Why does Duolingo repeat this phrase over and over?


cause it's after you


Will the little green owl come out of the computer and hunt me down? Cause that would be awesome and scary at the same time.


I AM hunting you -Duo the owl


DUO DON'T PECK AT ME!!!! At least we are safe in the daylight...


XD LOL Why did you get a thumbs down??? There's is nothing wrong with saying. OMG... or XD. So I'll just do this... XD XD XD XD XD


Here! A thumbs up, and a lingot!


I think that duolingo has only a certain number of phrases that it can put out, so that means if you get enough wrong you can even get the same question.


To remind us of our mortality hahaha


Why is "the final speeches" wrong? It lists speeches as one of the meanings...like final speeches during graduation..


I suppose Duolingo suggests a variety of translation possibilities for a word and we have to look for the context in order to choose the right one. It's like in the dictionary: you can't just take a word and use it. You have to be aware of the context.


Palabras means words


I don't understand why it won't take 'The final speeches'. The translation of palabras is words or speeches.


I don't understand either. Therefore, I submitted "The final speeches." as a possible valid translation of this particular sentence using the very useful "report a problem" functionality of this learning program. I hope to receive an intelligent response. :)


I think its because 'final words' is a phrase that goes all together


I believe it's because we haven't been exposed to "palabras" as meaning speeches at this point.


can you also say "Las palabras ultimas" or "las ultimas palabras"?


I am Spanish speaker, both sentences are well

we say "las últimas palabras", because here is more important (it has more emphasis) "últimas" than "palabras". or simply because is habit.

Sorry, I have an English bad.


I think your english is great, thanks for contributing to this forum! It helps to hear from a native speaker.


We very much welcome anything native speakers can tell us.


Sus últimas palabras son verdaderamente (truly) "las últimas", antes de la muerte........but they can to be the last words or de finals words of a meeting. Then we can say " las palabras finales de..."



I am curious! Why does a Spanish speaker use the Duolingo course? Is it because you want to help other people with their language learning? I am a native german sppeaker.


He might be doing the reverse course, going through spanish from english after english from spanish to strengthen his skills. Or maybe this phrase is in the spanish to english course? Dunno.


Alejandro you are understandable! Follow me I struggle in Espanol you can help me. I love it and will succeed! My English is good poco old fashioned! Ultimas is a marvellous word. In English we say palaver meaning hablador in style nearest I can find palabras sounds like lots of words!? Many of our words are from similar origen we have much latin you have some arabic very interesting.Phil


No worries..mis espaneol no bueno


I am wondering the same thing, I have two Latin books for school and in each one they put the adjective different sides of the subject. Is this the same in Spanish? can it vary in different dialects or does it even matter?


romance language geek here :) In most cases in the romance/latin languages, you put the adjective AFTER the noun. There are exceptions, that always go before, or adjectives that change meanings on either side of the word (you learn which ones go before and which ones change meanings from experience).

then of course if you want to stress the quality of the noun, (eg you want to emphasise that these are your FINAL words) you will place the adjective, thus emphasising its quality. Thats basically it.

(French is a bit trippy with this, putting short or common adjectives before the noun)


Does "Las palabras finales!" imply that someone is about to die, or does it imply a WORD FINALE?


The final words in general, whether the last sentence of a book or somebody's dying words, or just the final words you remembered saying to someone (or they said to you) the last time you saw them. I don't know if it has anything to do with the English idiom of having "the last word" on a matter, but it might.


why was "The words are final." wrong?


Why is "palabras finales" translated into "final words" and not the other way around "words final"?


weird. i put in "the final say" and it said i was wrong...


Any last dinal words?


the words switch around alot


Prison Guard: Do you have any final words sir? Inmate: * !


I put the words final as in when a parent says that their words are final. The words final....stop arguing.... Now that I look at it I regret putting that down. Feeling dumb.


For some reason this speaker sounded like somethin g else. Am i alone in that? Peteydinkus


...of the teacher and we were free to go to our deserved summer holidays. (to make it less dark:))


The final words. What final words? Oh I GET IT! XD "The final words" are the final words! XD I really should stop making jokes about everything and it sounds like I'm talking to myself but I'm actually hoping people will read this... and not make me look weird. I'm already weird so I shouldn't have anything to loose. BUT MY HONOR! sighs Oh well...


I didn't across this one since a time..


Hold my beer while I do this.


Best last words


What is the different between final and finales??


finales is the plural form, which must agree with Las palabras.

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