"Physics was my worst subject in school."

Translation:Fysik var mitt sämsta ämne i skolan.

February 24, 2015

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why is värsta wrong?


Värsta is slang for amazing/best if I am not mistaken.


Yes, but it also means just plain "worst". In this case, using sämsta has the meaning of "the subject I did the worst in", but värsta can sound like "the subject I hated the most" since it's stronger and often has less to do with the quality. Hence I would avoid it here. But they are very often synonymous, and it's mostly just a matter of nuance.


Because it's eeevil ;) But seriously, thelocal.se explains it as a difference of being bad from within and just temporary badness. "Hostan är värre och patienten mår sämre." The illness is bad throughout, but the patient isn't.


Interesting, though I'm not really sure I have an intuitive understanding of the distinction. Is it the difference between being inherently bad and being in a bad condition? I'm still not sure how I'd decide which a hated school subject would be.


When should we use fysik for "physics," and when fysiken?

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