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When 'de' with an adjective

I made a list of how I imagine it is done, can someone please comment on and correct it?

En ny bok - de ny boken - nya böcker - de nya böckerna.

Ett gammalt brev - de gammalt brevet - gammla brev - de gammla brev.

Thank you!

February 24, 2015



En ny bok - den nya boken - nya böcker - de nya böckerna.

Ett gammalt brev - det gamla brevet - gamla brev - de gamla breven.



Thank you! This makes sense. I am used to also learn those lists in school. Duolingo is great, but if you don't happen to come across all the possible forms, it is a bit hard to grasp.


Yes, the paradigm is helpful to show the logic of the language, though eventually you should find that you do not need it any more. Then, a sentence is correct just because it sounds comfortable to you. It cannot be easily reached, but given efforts, it will happen some day. :)


Thank you! Usually I use the app, that doesn't show this. I'll look further info it.

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