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  5. "Det er en officiel frokost."

"Det er en officiel frokost."

Translation:It is an official lunch.

February 24, 2015



im confused, isnt this singular ? why is lunch not officielt ?


Officiel/officielt is a question of gender, not number. It's "officiel" because "frokost" is dual gender (not sure about the English term for this). You can tell by the determiner: "eN frokost". If it was a neutral gender word, it would be "officielt". "Det er et officielt selskab", for example.


In English we'd call it "common gender" (at least about Danish, don't know about other languages)


Great, thanks :-) That does make a lot of sense considering the Danish word for it.


Is it right to write like this? Den er en officiel frokost.


No.. When translating "it is (noun)" "it" always become "det"

In this case we have "it is a lunch" lunch is a noun and therefore "it" becomes "det".

Official is an adjective at does not influence the translation of " it"


I wrote "luncheon" instead of "lunch" - the former is far more official than the latter. They said it was wrong. Why aren't lunch and luncheon interchangeable?


Probably just because no one has thought to code in that rather obscure word. For every correct answer, a human at Duolingo has to think of it and put it in the algorithm.


"Luncheon" is really not an obscure word for anyone working in government, for companies, or for non-profit-organizations. It's a more formal word than just "grabbing lunch".


You should definitely send Duolingo an email explaining that.

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