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  5. "Transporten er dyr."

"Transporten er dyr."

Translation:The transportation is expensive.

February 24, 2015



How would I say "The transport is animals", as in "We're getting there using animals"? (Or is this a possible word play?)


Bonus info: A Danish fuel company ran a campaign in the 00's using the words "Vildt dyr" ("wild animal"/"wildly expensive") to a background of tigers and then cutting to "Vildt billig" ("wildly cheap") with one of their gas stations in the background. They did the same with "Enormt dyr" and an elephant.


Well, you could say the same thing as a word play but it sounds a little far-fetched (just like the English sentence does). In such an event, I guess we would say "Transporten er med dyr", but it would be still more likely that we'd say "Vi kommer derhen ved hjælp af dyr" or "Vi bruger dyr til transporten". Some might say it's a bit weird to travel by unspecified animal, but maybe the species is a surprise...


Dear is another work for expensive in the UK, so couldn't we also say "The transport is dear."?


thats how i remember it dear=expensive or deer an animal weird that this one word has two such dispsarate meanings


Would it also be correct to say 'Travel is expensive?' The transportation is not something that would be said in America.


No. It wouldn't be quite the same. "The transportation is expensive" is the literal translation of the sentence above. It sounds fine in Danish. In English, you'd probably say something like "Transport costs are high" or "There's a considerable transportation expense". Or you'd use "travel". But "travel" means humans are moving. "Transportation" can just as well be objects. So the words have different meanings.


if I wanted to talk about transports in general, wouldn't I have to say "transport er dyrt"? with a t because its general? Tak!


Yes, you would. When the definite suffix disappears from the noun, a t appears at the end of the adjective! That would translate to "Transportation is expensive". If you said "Transport er dyr", I would be forced to take that to mean "Transportation is animals".


I don't think so because 'transport' in Danish is common word so it still takes no -t ending in adjective.


No, see what JacobVSO says. You can see it as a short way of saying "det er dyrt med transport".

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