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"Kräftorna är levande när de dör."

Translation:The crayfish are alive when they die.

February 24, 2015



I would worry about something that wasn't alive before it died. Shouldn't this be 'alive when they are cooked' or similar?


hahahahahahhahahahhahah you made me laugh


Give us some credit, it's a literary allusion. Read the explanation here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7036284


My gut instinct was to blame Yogi Berra, honestly. Fantastic baseball player, but better known for his words of wisdom, such as "you can observe a lot just by watching" and "you should always go to other peoples' funerals, otherwise they won't come to yours."


Was he the role model for Yogi Bear? Name and quotes sound quite similar


No, the naming of the cartoon character is accidental, at least according to its creators. :)


Ah, thanks! I should have more faith, clearly!


I guess sometimes we're as stupid as Dunce, but not all the time :D


I'm probably a moron, but Annikajns's point seems good to me. Good for the course creators that they get the reference, but to most learners, riddles aren't helpful. I want to understand the words and grammar, and this question sows needless doubts about that which I have already learnt. I don't think the Rumpelstiltskin "riddle me this" stuff improves the course.


I generally agree, and I intend to remove most of these sentences from the course in the next tree version. Perhaps they'd be a good fit for the later parts of a later tree.

That said, I think the course was created with the assumption that there would be a proper hints system for sentence, that all users would be able to see forum comments, etc. Obviously, having sentences that require explanations doesn't work if there is no failsafe way of providing explanations.


this one reminds me to one of my father's sentences that says..........this year are dying people who hadn' t died before


Sometimes you gotta love the Duo community for their references. This is such a moment. Laughed out loud.


Isn't this true of most of us, not just crayfish?


Please refer to Annika's and Arnauti's above comments.


Vi kommer alla att reinkarneras som kräftor och lida.

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