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Where do you study language?

[deactivated user]

    So as I was practicing German with this lovely application in my apartment unit, I received a noise complaint. Apparently the walls are very thin. So if one cannot practice language in his apartment due to sensitive neighbors, where then? Coffeeshops and cafes are out. Libraries, maybe, but only if it has soundproofed study rooms. Ours does not. Any ideas?

    August 19, 2013



    It's so loud you can't talk? Seriously!? Tell them that's ridiculous!


    My first thoughts when I read this were exactly the same. Can't imagine what happens when you have a phone call or even dare to have a visitor :).


    Headphones + disabling the microphone in DL profile settings when the neighbours are at home :). You don't train the pronounciation that way, but it's better than nothing.

    Alternatively, you could start learning to play a trumpet and after a few days, they'll be more than happy to hear that you're back to language learning :P


    Thanks Yamarrin for the calm and rational voice. I think it hit a nerve for me because I live in an old terrace house and I can hear everything that goes on next door.


    This is tough. Seriously, it sounds like you're being harassed unless you're blasting Duolingo or you live in a dormitory where's there's a lights out rule. It's always complicated and difficult with neighbors. I was in a similar situation. It makes you feel powerless. Be as polite as you can, but live your life. It sounds like they would complain if you farted.


    Very simple, just tell them it is not coming from your apartment and that you also heard that noise. Otherwise use headphones

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