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  5. "Heb ik borden?"

"Heb ik borden?"

Translation:Do I have plates?

February 24, 2015



so if you interchange ik and heb, as in 'heb ik...' or in another phrase 'heb jij', does it turn the sentence into a question? or can you just use them in sentences like 'i have' and 'you have'?


Interchange means turning the sentence into a question ;)


Wouldn't it be "Hebt jij"?


No , it's "heb jij " or "jij hebt" if "jij" is behind the verb it's only the stem instead of stem+t

Hebben Ik heb Jij hebt; heb jij U hebt; U heeft (both are correct but I find "u heeft" more formal) Hij/zij/het heeft Jullie hebben Wij/zij hebben

(Also there is "hun hebben" but that's better to be avoided , even though it's widely used)


Why ' Have I dishes?' Doesn' t work?


As far as I am aware in English that sentence needs 'do'. But why that is, is probably something that is better explained in the English section of Duolingo


In English you always have to say "Do I have ...?", never "Have I ...?", even though that was often the construct in the past.


Yes, if you're going to say "Have I", it must be followed by "any", as in "Have I any plates?, though as you said, it's incredibly archaic.


its a colloquialism in some places

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