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"No donde voy a dormir esta noche."

Translation:I do not know where I am going to sleep tonight.

August 19, 2013



So does 'donde' only have an accent when used in a question?


In this sentence, "dónde" should have an accent.


Roy, you are only on level 2 but you know your accents. You are right: no sé dónde...


Yes: dónde, qué, cuándo, quién, only have an accent when used in a question.


Then, the RAE (Real Academia de la Lengua Española) must be wrong, too. ;)



To which I say - Damn I think you are correct even if it is messing with my head


In my link, you can find, for instance, the sentence "No sé dónde me llevan", which I find quite similar to "No sé dónde voy a dormir".

Is there a similar sentence in your link?

I know that it's difficult to see the difference. But, it's really difficult to say this sentence with an unstressed "donde".

In this sentence "donde" is an interrogative adverb, not a relative adverb. And, in these cases, only after the verbs "haber", "tener", "buscar", "encontrar" y "necesitar" you can omit the accent mark on "donde".

Movement doesn't have anything to do.


I think you are correct - The funny thing is that no matter how I read that I cannot read it as in interrogative. However, upon thinking about it, I can't see it as a relative adverb either since there is no relative clause. Then again - Iré a donde tú vayas - I can't see that either way either.


It must be very difficult to notice the difference... It's really subtle.

Even many native Spanish speakers make a lot of mistakes with relatives pronouns (and, unfortunattely with many other things).


Is not "this night" an acceptable translation? Or is only "tonight" correct?


I have not lost points for this a second time. Please help me out! :)


"this night" is not normally used. It sounds poetic or ironic.


i think that after the night has already started it could be used without being poetic or ironic


Sorry, in English it's "today", "tonight," and "tomorrow." The use of "this day," "this night," or "the morrow" indicates that the intention is poetic or jocular, etc -- or (no offence intended) that English not the speaker's first language. (Exception: when "this" is used as opposed to "that").


I really started learning English, when I started learning Spanish in English! Thanks!


While I'd agree that usage of "this night" is uncommon in English it's not incorrect. I don't see any reason it shouldn't be counted as correct as it could be said and is not even close to the weirdest sentence I've seen on Duolingo.


I wrote 'this evening'. Can't see anything wrong with that alternative to 'tonight', can you?


I replied "I don't know where I'm going to sleep this evening." Shouldn't this be right??


For those who may be confused, "dónde" works as an interrogative when it's part of a sentence that's a question or when it implies a question, as it does in this case. "I don't know where...." implies a question, although it is technically a statement.


This evening should be accepted, no?


Yes,only for questions or exclamation


where does duolingo get these statements?


"I do not know where am I going to sleep tonight" - why not accepted? I think it's correct English


Sorry, but it is not correct in English. You need the word order "I do not know where I am going" in English if it is not a question. Otherwise it would be, "I do not know. Where am I going to sleep tonight?"


How would you say 'I don't know where I will be sleeping tonight'? To me it means the same, but I'm obviously missing some verb conjugation issue...


I presume I will be sleeping = 'estare (accented e) durmiendo'. I will sleep = 'dormire' (accented e). I am going to sleep = 'voy a dormir'. They all convey similar ideas but DL requires us to demonstrate specific understanding of the given structure in our translations.


I put don't instead of do not and it was wrong??


what is wron with " where am I going to sleep tonight?". It is not accepted.


it's a statement,not a question


Gracias. I did not realize that. Now I understand.


"Where am I going to sleep tonight" is a question. "Where I am going to sleep tonight" is part of a statement.

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