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"Jag läser ofta franska böcker."

Translation:I often read French books.

February 24, 2015



Is "Röd och svar" the Swedish translation of "Le rouge et le noir", written by Stendhal ? :D


Almost. Its translation is called Rött och svart. :)


Is there a rule about capitalisation for countries. As the country 'Franska' is capitalised, but in this sentence talking about French books, it's not? and if so, what's the full rule around capitalisation?


Franska is swedish for french not France it refers to The language. But in this context it means books from france


Actually, in English we capitalize the names of the languages too (and also the name of the nationality too in most cases). Swedish just doesn't do this except for the name of the country though, just like it doesn't capitalize the names of the months and week days.


Does this mean that the books are in the french language or written/published in France? If i'm reading Swedish translations of books written by French authors; are they still "franska böcker", or should I say something like "böcker på franska"?


It's ambiguous much like in English, but böcker på franska unambiguously means 'books in French'.


what is wrong with the translation: "I often read books in French"? I understand the paa franska part, but isn't it implied that the books are in the French language?


Could be books that are French but in another language. Either way, it's a different sentence construction so that's why it's not allowed.

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