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Do you occasionally misspell words in your native language now that you are learning a new language?

I noticed today that I put an e at the end of a word that didn't need it. Whoops!

I never would have made this mistake before...

August 19, 2013



Yes I do that a bit too. The other weird side-effect is automatically trying to translate things that people of saying to me in daily life - like i'm trying to get extra duolingo points as I'm going through my normal day. Anyone else do that?


No, but I'd say that is a good stage to be at while learning, I hope I start to do that eventually


I did that before. :-P


Ten minutes after writing that I wrote chichen.


I keep thinking that will happen! When you're writing carotte so many times instead of the usual carrot, things are bound to get confusing.


Nope can't say that I have.


my you has become yo


I loose a lot of hearts that way. I type Yo and don't bother with the u when trying to type "you" in English


I find I keep typing capitals on common nouns in English.


not Only am I misspelling I am Also randomly Capitalizing... wait a minute, I did that before, now I can pretend to have an excuse!


How about faux German - izing when you are thinking about day to day stuff? Things are getting der and die and das put on normal daily words and I'm adding the en some things. Ich have to go die grocery schoppenen.

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