"What is the name of the king of Sweden?"

Translation:Vad heter Sveriges kung?

February 24, 2015

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So I said "Vad heter kungen av sverige" and it was correct, but It's different from the recommended answer. Would my answer sound weird to native Swedish speakers?


No, not in the slightest.


Thank you my trusty penguin


Would it be correct to say "Kungen av Sverige"? I think it's right in Norwegian Bokmål ("Kongen av Sverige"), but I don't know about Swedish.


It's also accepted, yes.


Vad är namnet på sveriges kung? Stämmer det? Om inte, varför inte?


Vad heter Sveriges kongen?


The reason you can't say that is that you can't have a determinate noun 'owned' by a noun in the genitive. Just like you can't say the king's the name in English.
And it's kungen with an u in Swedish, en kung (in Danish and Norwegian, en konge).


But there is also an older form of the word 'king' = konung. It was in general use historically, you still see it in history books: Sveriges konung, giving it a greater amount of reverence.


ok, I am familiar with the Vad heter.. phrase, but I am trying to form this sentence in the Vad ar ditt namn? option, but I can't get it right. I tried various combinations and all were wrong. Vad ar sveriges kungens namn? vad ar kungens av sverige namnet etc.. What would be the correct answer?


We allow the construction Vad är namnet på Sverige kung / kungen av Sverige?

But the construction "What is the king of Sweden's name?" is extremely clunky in Swedish. Because of the double possessive, it would actually be Vad är kungens av Sverige namn? which is the grammatically correct way of phrasing it but which many if not most natives would likely still think was ungrammatical. This is not accepted and should not be used. :)


Thank you again, devalanteriel, I feel like I've killed you with questions these past few days, therefore a lingot for you and thank you for the patience! ;)

I see it's a clumsy construction and not one I would use on a day to day basis but I sort of thought, if I could get it right I'd get a feel of a word order/construction of larger sentences with more possessives, which I suppose will come up later in the course. Sort of like an excercise outside of my current level to see if I could do it instinctively. Obviously not.


I'm just glad it's helpful. :)

Well, don't beat yourself up over it. A majority of Swedes would probably not be able to make that construction instinctively, so a learner certainly should not be expected to.


vad är kungen av sveriges namn? where 'kungen of sverige' is a sort of compound noun?


It's arguable at least. :)


Will this work? Vet du sveriges kungens heter. It didnt work. Why?


No, that reads lke its literal English counterpart: "Do you know Sweden's the king's called?"


is 'heter' a verb that literally translates to 'to be named' ?


heter = 'being called'. When you say 'be named' I think of 'baptized', which in Swedish is called 'döper', 'vara döpt till'


I said Vad är Sveriges kungens namn? Is it wrong

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