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  5. "Ze neemt wat soep."

"Ze neemt wat soep."

Translation:She is taking some soup.

February 24, 2015



Perhaps this is a stupid question, but, ''wat'' only goes with indefinite nouns?


I keep thinking soep is soap!!!


Is "wat" used only for uncountable nouns?


It's often said colloquially though. "What do you want for lunch?" "I'll take some soup".


I first translated it as "she'll take some soup", but it marked it wrong! I think it would be correct to say this in English, because it doesn't necessarily mean that she'll take some in the future; it refers to the present moment.


She'll take = she will take = ze zal nemen or ze gaat nemen

Ze neemt = she takes

In Dutch it only means present, so you should translate it so. You kan use will in present, but then a Dutch verb with the same meaning should be in the sentence ;)


“She takes some soup” would never be said in spoken English. The only occasion when this might be used would be in a literary sense, such as poetry or stage direction for actors in a theater play. That’s it. I doubt that Duolingo would teach this case in a software program for beginners. The only two correct translations would be “She’ll take some soup” which CAN indicate the future if used with a time indicator, or “She is taking some soup”, which is the translation that Duolingo gives. The task was to translate into English, and those are really the only two correct translations here. It isn’t your place to correct a native speaker, you clearly do not understand how English verbs work as well as you think you do.


Why do you have to use ""wat" at all when it's direct translation is "what"? Why not use "sommige" which actually translates to some?


"wat" means what and some it has more meanings. I believe you can't you use "sommige"because soup is singular. not sure because although I'm dutch my grammar sucks, I just know because it doesn't sound good.


Good question. I was wondering the same.


I guess 'she's having some soup' is the same as 'she's taking some soup' - unless this is not the idea of 'eating'.


That's now accepted, thanks!


You wouldn't say "she is taking some soup" in English. I'm not sure what this means.


Ik neem wat soep, je prends de la soupe, I'll take the soup (American), I'll have the soup (British).


'Is having' is accepted.


The "wat" is the most confusing thing ever


Why not, she is taking soup. I am INCORRECT just rude it was, she is taking some soup :(


because you need to translate "wat", which means "some".

[deactivated user]

    Yes, she's taking some soup for a walk around the block....Duolingo, please be more careful with the translations! This is bad English.


    ? "She is taking some soup from the pan" if you want a longer version

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