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Problems Getting Credit for Finished Lessons/Sections

Hello, today I have had problems receiving credit for any lesson or section I have completed. The site worked perfectly until the end of each section. Every time I completed a lesson, when I pressed "Continue" at the end a loading circle appeared in the top left corner beside the "Duolingo" title. It continued to circle and would not load a new page. I was able to press "Home" and return to my stream, only to find out that I didn't receive credit for the lesson I had just finished and could not progress. I tried it again, finished and had the same result. Throughout the day I came back and tried 4 seperate times, in 2 seperate sections, three times in a lesson and once in a "testing out". I also tried in two different browsers (Chrome and IE), and nothing I've tried has allowed me to progress past any lesson. My internet connection is perfectly fine, and Duolingo has worked perfectly for me in the past, so I'm wondering if others are having this problem now or if anyone has any solutions?

December 4, 2012



Can you tell us which addons/plugins your browser has?


what browser add-ons have you installed?


On Chrome I have AdBlock Plus and HotSpot Shield... Both of which I've had since I started Duolingo, but HotSpot Shield isn't always activated. I think it was on today, so could that be the problem?


AdBlock Plus is definitively not a problem (using it here myself) but try turning off HotSpot Shield and try again.


This has fixed it so far, thank you!

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