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Swedish pen pal

Hey! I really need someone to direct my questions to in Swedish, it would be really helpful for me if someone could write me on here and help me out! Thank you!(:

February 24, 2015



You might have good luck finding a pen pal on gospeaky or lang-8.


Thank you, and are they actually pen pals or just weirdos? xD


If you have a tumblr you can try finding one on there. Just say that your'e looking for a pen pal in a text post and put a bunch of Swedish tags and hopefully someone will respond to you. That's how i met my pen pal :)


Thats a good Idea! But I don't have A tumblr):


Native speaker here, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. I might not reply immediately but I'd try to do it within a few days. :)


Thank you, I still hadn't found one and was giving on finding one!!


Glad to be of help! Just send me a message whenever.


Om du har frågor angående svenska språket eller svenska kulturen, skick ett meddelande till mig, på engelska svenska, så ska jag försöka hjälpa. Svenska är lätt, det tog mig bara tre månader att lära (men jag var yngre då ;-)

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